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About Us


Our mission..

What has sprung from the ashes of the closure of one organization has spawned a continual labor of love to care for special needs orphans in China. Fueled by volunteers in America who have been touched in one way or another, the mission of Lily's House is to continually provide for the medical and provisional needs of disabled orphans in China with the hope that one day they will find a future and hope in a loving home.  To find out more scroll down and  download the PDF file on Lily's House.


How to get involved...

Your continual prayers and presence here reading this website would be enough. But if you so wish to donate, understand that 95% of all proceeds will be used to care for the children of Lily's House.  Holt International Children's Services has partnered with Lily's House to make donating easy and tax free.  Be sure that when you go to donate write "Lily's House" in the comments section. Please consider giving monthly today!


Thank You

We want to say from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us save one child at a time and for giving them a hope and a future! By donating you have joined us as a team and as a family in advocating for these little ones who have no voice and if not for you not much of a future due to their special needs.  You are so special to us and if you would wish to find out more please feel free to push the button below and send an email.

New Project

New Beginnings in Inner Mongolia

A new Lily's house was opened in Inner Mongolia in May, 2019 and 12 sweet children are already with us. Some of the nannies reside with the children as foster mothers and there is also a physical therapist working there as well.  We are working in conjunction with state orphanages to provide for nannies, physical therapists, social workers, specially prepared foods, as well as accessing a large network of families all over the world who might be looking to adopt one of these special little ones. The orphanages will provide the utilities and the location, but what is supplied by us is to provide not only the monetary needs for these workers and materials, but also to provide the much needed love and care that these little ones so deserve. This vision has already become a reality in the city of Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia. They have already shown remarkable improvement and in fact one child who is 13 years old has already found a family in America who will adopt him. So would you please join us in this endeavor. Help us make Lily’s House motto a reality by giving children love, hope and a future. Thank you. 

More works we did


Training and support

Giving mental and physical therapy training to those who work with orphans in four orphanages, giving assessment for orphans who need and giving donations.


Poor family support

We donated furniture to a poor family in Zhangjiakou city. We helped a handicap couple in BJ area to support their life for half year.




Good news happened in late June. Our cute boy Calvin- Ruier was adopted to a Chinese family. Ruier received two meningocele surgeries and his surgeon predicts that in the future his health will be restored. This family adores him and has promised to give him and happy and healthy home.


Sending him for adoption


Parents signing the adoption contract.

Adoption Stories (in Chinese and English)

Our Beloved Supporters

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