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About Us

Our mission..

What has sprung from the ashes of the closure of one organization has spawned a continual labor of love to care for special needs orphans in China. Fueled by volunteers in America who have been touched in one way or another, the mission of Lily's House is to continually provide for the medical and provisional needs of disabled orphans in China with the hope that one day they will find a future and hope in a loving home.  To find out more push the button below and download the PDF file on Lily's House.

How to get involved...

Your continual prayers and presence here reading this website would be enough. But if you so wish to donate, understand that 95% of all proceeds will be used to care for the children of Lily's House.  Holt International Children's Services has partnered with Lily's House to make donating easy and tax free.  Be sure that when you go to donate write "Lily's House" in the comments section. Please consider giving monthly today!

Thank You

We want to say from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us save one child at a time and for giving them a hope and a future! By donating you have joined us as a team and as a family in advocating for these little ones who have no voice and if not for you not much of a future due to their special needs.  You are so special to us and if you would wish to find out more please feel free to push the button below and send an email.

New Arrival

Shuojuan Zhang (Katherine)

Born on 6/7/2016 She arrived to Lily's House on August 28, 2018 from the Shuozhou Orphanage in the Shanxi Province.  When I first went to her foster family, I saw a beautiful and smart girl playing with her foster parents. She is a lively girl, can walk, run and sometimes climb onto the kitchen cabinets to get something for herself. She is a very sweet girl, full of smiles.  She likes to play with other people, but she was very attached to her foster family so she cried when we drove back to Langfang. In these past few days, sometimes she will still cry and call "mama", but she is starting to play with other children, and wants us to hold her. She loves to play outside with other children and enjoys dancing at night in the park. She has adjusted well at our house and is a wondeful girl.  She has syphilitic heart disease but her condition is stable.  The name Katherine was given to her to honor the wife of one of our major contributors who has tirelessly worked to donate to Lilys House.

New Arrival

Changqiu Shangguan (Anna)

Anna was born on 6/12/2016 and arrived at Lily's House on September 3, 2018 from the Jiangxi Province. Anna is a sweet girl, and she likes to be held and plays with other children at the home. She has developmental retardation, but she walks well and understands what the nannies are saying, but she is still nonverbal. She can make sounds like singing a song. She likes to play with toys that make music and loves to eat sweets. She will cry when she is angry and is slightly frightened with strangers. She needs continual speech therapy. She has been matched and will be adopted at the end of this year. The name Anna was given to her to honor the daughter of one of our volunteers.

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